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Practicing Good Skin Health for Seniors

The aging skin can appear dry and thin – which makes seniors vulnerable to skin conditions. If the skin has lost its moisture and becomes too dry, cracks can form on the surface which allows bacteria to penetrate. Taking good care of your skin should be part of your health and wellness – and more … Read More

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What Is Psoriatic Arthritis in Seniors?

Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune condition that happens when your body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. Surveys show that an estimated 1 million people or 30% of people diagnosed with psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes a scaly, dry, red rash that often appears on a person’s knees, … Read More

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The Most Important Shots for Older Adults

An estimated 45,000 adults die every year from complications due to vaccine-preventable diseases. This is because most adults don’t feel the need to get vaccinated or are worried about the possible side effects of vaccines. However, seniors aged 65 and older are at higher risk of developing complications without vaccinations. August is National Immunization Awareness … Read More

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Benefits of Having Hoyer Lifts for Seniors at Home

We understand the challenges and struggles of caring for a senior loved one with mobility issues. With all the challenging aspects of care, one of the most difficult tasks is getting them to move around the house without the right support. However, Lowenhill Home Care Services has the right tools and qualified care providers who … Read More

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Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors to Keep in Mind

As you age, the definition of eating healthy also changes. As we grow older, our body’s metabolism slows down, this would mean that we need to eat fewer calories than what we are used to. Your body would also need more nutrients. At Lowenhill Home Care Services, we have care providers who can help seniors … Read More

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How You Can Help Your Loved One Recover from Knee Surgery

Depending on several factors, patients who undergo knee surgery — especially seniors — may face a series of restrictions and require specific care and assistance. Some common surgical procedures that may damage a person’s mobility and functions after surgery are: Knee replacement surgery ACL reconstruction surgery Arthroscopic knee surgery There are several steps you can … Read More

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