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Senior Health: What You Need to Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a long-lasting health condition that affects the body’s ability to convert food into energy. This chronic condition poses many health consequences, especially for seniors. When a senior has diabetes, their body is unable to keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Over time, the effects of diabetes can become more complicated and even … Read More

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The Advantage of Influenza Vaccines

If you could prevent something unfortunate, would you do what it takes to avoid such from happening? If you could prevent getting sick, would you be willing to take the simple step? Vaccines are indeed one of the most beneficial discoveries of humankind. With immunization, we can protect our lives, save more lives, and prevent … Read More

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Stop the Stigma: What to Talk About AIDS

Sensitive topics may feel uncomfortable to discuss, but some of these subjects are relevant in our society, especially when it comes to our health. The danger with avoiding these discussions is that misconceptions and false news are not corrected at the instance. This can continue on the dangerous cycle of misinformation and bias. Let us … Read More

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Lowering the Risks of Type 2 Diabetes

This November, let us learn more about a common disease that may sound familiar to all of us – diabetes. Did you know that diabetes is divided into two types? Type 1 diabetes happens when the body cannot produce insulin, while type 2 happens when there is insufficient proper insulin produced. Type 2 diabetes is … Read More

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Beyond the Disease: Living Well With Diabetes

When we hear someone with diabetes, we imagine how difficult the situation can be. While certain aspects of our living have to change to manage the condition, living well is still achievable. How well a person lives with diabetes depends on many factors. For one, the severity or stage of the disease often determines how … Read More

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Importance of Having a Hobby as You Age

While we could pass time watching whatever is on T.V. or surfing the internet, it’s also important to fill leisure time with an activity you enjoy. Having a hobby is beneficial for people of all ages, but it’s especially crucial for seniors who have the luxury of newly found free time. Hobbies offer both mental … Read More

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