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Welcome to Lowenhill Home Care Services

Lowenhill Home Care Services provides quality non-medical in-home care and assisted living services to the residents of Western Pennsylvania. By providing these services, our caregivers ensure that you or your loved ones are consistently cared for and watched over. It is our pledge to enhance your quality of life and we allow you to retain your independence and dignity at home. At Lowenhill Home Care Services, quality care is our promise to you and your family.

Why should you choose Lowenhill Home Care Services? Here are some of the following perps…
  • Competitive Pay
  • Flex hours
  • Approved by the BBA
  • RN on staff
  • IN-House CPR Certification
  • Online accredited course training
  • PA Home Care accredited online training
  • 24/7 access to a virtual fitness trainer
  • Wellness tools, trackers, and articles
  • Free legal and financial counseling
  • Discount on medication
  • Dedicated Personal Services for Travel, child care, financial info, home projects, elder care, pet care, auto services, academic services, gift ideas, event planning, medical info
  • Up to 3 hours with a personal wellness coordinator to help navigate services
  • Wellness Program Comprehensive Health risk assessment
female caretaker with stethoscope smiling

Services WE Offer

happy family with their caretaker

Respite 24 Hour Care

Attend to your prior commitments with peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are cared for by our excellent caregivers.

senior woman assisted by caregiver after taking a shower


Our caregivers will assist your loved ones with their personal hygiene and grooming without compromising their dignity and independence.

caretaker helping an senior woman wearing her sweater

Personal Care

As we take care of your loved ones, we also protect them from the health and safety hazards of performing their activities of daily living alone.

seniors walking after playing golf


Whenever your loved ones feel isolated or lonely, we are always here to accompany them.

senior man with a smoking pipe and his caretaker

Shopping and Errands

With our assistance, running errands become more convenient and safe.

seniors smiling

Spiritual Care

In addition to physical assistance, safety supervision and emotional support, we also offer Spiritual Care in the most sensitive and responsive manner.