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7 Healthy Habits a Senior Can Benefit From

Seniors can reinvigorate themselves if they adopt healthy habits for themselves. These healthy habits are meant to keep away the early signs of aging as well. Here are those healthy habits highly recommended for seniors to follow:

Two elder couples smiling at each other
  • Get Adequate Sleep
    Sleep is what allows the body to recover energy. That is why it is important for people, regardless of their age, to have adequate sleep. With proper sleep, the body can function well – not only in its physical aspect but also in its emotional and cognitive aspects too.
  • Have a Positive Social Circle
    Being social is a must for seniors as this has a positive effect on their overall health. It is even one of the best methods to fight off mental health problems. However, seniors should pay attention to who they interact with. It is highly recommended to find a social circle that is highly supportive.
  • Eat Healthy
    Seniors must eat a balanced diet. Their diet must be filled with nutritious foods; one that is composed of fruits, vegetables, low-fat, and high-fiber foods. Eating healthy can improve a senior’s overall well-being. It is also a good way to promote longer life.
  • Find a Good Way to Deal with Stress
    Stress can never be totally eliminated. If seniors allow themselves to be burdened with stress, it will have negative effects on their life. For example, when a senior is stressed, they end up getting less sleep at night. If that happens, then they won’t be able to get the energy they need. It may affect their health too. Thus, find a way to properly deal with stress. Breathing exercises and other enjoyable activities prove to be good stress-reliever for seniors.
  • Visit the Doctor Regularly
    The doctor is not only capable of diagnosing health problems; they are also the best people to go to when you want to maintain a healthy body. If a senior visits the doctor on a regular basis, the latter can monitor their health and provide them with the appropriate advice. Find a trustworthy doctor to go to for a routine medical checkup.
  • Maintain Good Hygiene
    Good hygiene is linked with good health. If seniors keep themselves clean, they can avoid a range of health problems associated with poor hygiene. Maintaining good hygiene includes brushing the teeth, bathing regularly, wearing clean clothes, and the like.
  • Exercise the Body and Mind
    Seniors should exercise both the mind and body. For the body, physical exercises tailored for seniors are already available nowadays, so it should not be difficult to stay active. Aside from physical activities, many activities that involve moving around can be adopted too. Examples would be dancing or swimming. For the mind, talk with others, playing board games, or doing arts and crafts are some of the suggested activities for seniors.
  • If you need someone to help guide a senior in adopting these healthy habits, Lowenhill Home Care Services is just one call away. We can discuss what the senior needs!

How to Ensure Your Senior Parent’s Health

Caregiver talking to an elderly woman

Aging parents often show signs of multiple health problems. They lose appetite, which in turn causes them to lose weight. They suffer from loss of sleep, joint pains, and many others. As their children, you have to do your part to ensure your parents’ health. How do you do that? Simple! Here are some tips for you:

  • Talk to Your Parents
    It is better to share your concerns with your parents. If you can talk it over with them, you can motivate them to go to their doctor. Having a talk with your parents may also encourage them to make appropriate changes in their lifestyle when needed.
  • Encourage Them to Go to Regular Medical Checkups
    There is no way to know what health problems a senior is suffering from without a medical checkup. It is also difficult to maintain good health without a doctor’s advice. That is why it is important to encourage the senior parent to go for a medical checkup on a regular basis.
  • Talk to the Doctor
    Don’t hesitate to talk to the doctor yourself if the senior parent brushes off your concerns about their health. By sharing what you know with the doctor, the latter can provide guidance on what to do.
  • Take Note of Safety Issues
    Especially at home, it is recommended to address all safety issues as soon as possible. You can do it yourself or have your parents take note of them. These safety issues include preventing falls and crashes. Poor lighting, window alarms, and many others should be checked as well.
  • Consider Getting Home Care Services
    A senior parent may not be as efficient as when they were younger when working on chores around the house. Moreover, they may get easily tired with just a few tasks. Thus, it is better to hire a caregiver for them. The caregiver can not only be assigned to handle the senior’s daily living activities; they can also clean the house or run errands in behalf of the senior. Home care services are not costly and can be covered by insurance, so there should be no problem.
  • Ask for Help
    There should be lots of resources or organizations around your parent’s area that can provide you with your much needed help. These non-profit organizations may or may not be set up by the Administration of Aging. Research about the organization or resource first before you seek help from them.

These easy-to-do tips can definitely be of help to you when you want to take good care of your parents. Even when you are living away from them, you can still carry out these tips. Lowenhill Home Care Services can also help you out in caring for the senior.

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