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Top 7 Activities To Excite a Senior’s Memory

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Have you noticed your senior loved one forgetting some things lately? Forgetfulness is one of the common age-related issues that they battle with. For as long as this forgetfulness is not dementia (which is going to be another topic entirely) these moments can be remedied and overlooked.

Thankfully, however, there are activities that aging persons can do so they can still exercise their memory and cognition. We would like to share these activities in this post today.

Memory-enhancing activities serve as workout routines for the brain. In the aging season, regularly working on stretching out the memory helps a senior person to improve their memory skills efficiently. Here are our top seven recommended activities.

  1. Volunteering Activities
    Regularly interacting with other people exercises a senior person’s memory especially in remembering people’s names. When they volunteer in charitable organizations, for instance, seniors not only feel fulfilled. They can also have more opportunities to exercise their memory.
  2. Learning a New Language
    Especially if you’re into languages and communication, this prospect can be attractive to you. It’s helpful to increase a person’s memory because you need to remember the meanings of the words you have just learned.
  3. Video Games
    Seniors can also play mentally stimulating video games. If not games, then they can also engage with online activities to help exercise their mental and cognitive faculties. As a result, their memory can also be stretched and improved.
  4. Shopping List Game
    This is an improvised game you can use when outdoors and doing grocery shopping. When doing this, it will be beneficial to have some assistance from professional care providers. The game simply involves recalling the items you wrote down on your shopping list and check whether you have purchased all of them or not.
  5. Read and Retell
    Another brain-stimulating activity is reading. You can take this activity a little higher by providing opportunities for your senior loved one to read and then give them time to retell the story to you. This way, they can also work on remembering those events, which consequently improve their memory.
  6. Arts and Crafts
    Seniors can also enjoy doing arts and crafts especially when they do this with other seniors. These activities can also be mentally stimulating as their creativity is honed. The feeling of satisfaction after seeing their end-product also makes them happy, which strengthens their mental well-being.
  7. Chess
    This age-old game never goes out of style for individuals who also want to work on their memory, analysis, and thinking skills. Seniors can also make the most of their time by playing chess while reaping the mental benefits of the game.

Have you tried any of these activities before? If you want to stimulate your senior loved one’s memory every day, you can get started with the abovementioned recommendations. At Lowenhill Home Care Services, we do our best to help provide a quality life for your senior family member.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach us out.

Tips When You Want to Continue Healing at Home

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Hospitalizations and checkups can be a common scenario at home especially when we have vulnerable family members such as the seniors and little children. While this can be normal, it also helps to know that you will have people and professionals to call on to for help when you need it. Whether the help you need is in caring for your patient or in tending to the home, what’s important is that you can meet the goal of complete recovery.

This is what our team at Lowenhill Home Care Services is for. We partner with you in ensuring that your abode is very liveable and comfortable, and that you have the assistance you need especially when you have other domestic responsibilities, such as being a family caregiver.

If your loved one is spending time at home to continue healing from their injury, surgery, or recent hospitalization, we’ll be here to back you up. For starters, here are helpful tips to help you out in ensuring that your place is conducive for their overall recovery.

  1. Ensure the Home Is Clutter-Free
    As your loved one is on the road to recovery, they may also be advised to move around occasionally. These movements can help them to regain their strength and balance in mobility. When your home is free from clutters, they can move around safely, which increases their chances of recovering quicker.
  2. Provide Grab Bars
    You would also want to nurture your loved one’s sense of independence as they recover. As so, install grab bars and other fall prevention equipment so they can just walk on their own. These bars can help them to become steady especially that falls are only adding up risks on their recovery.
  3. Designate a Recovery Area
    It can also be helpful when there’s a recovery area at home. This is the place where only your loved one can be in, and they can get to do their regular activities that help improve their recovery.
  4. Allow for Better Sleep Arrangements
    If your home has another story, and your loved one used to stay upstairs, arrange for them to sleep on the lower floor. This way, they may have easier room for navigating around the room. You can also relocate them to a room in your home where noise and distractions are lesser perceived. The goal is to help them sleep better, which is very ideal for people who are still recovering from their conditions.
  5. Get Some Help
    As you ensure the health and well-being of your loved one, it’s also vital to get some professional help. You would want to ensure that your loved one is eating on time, taking their medicines as scheduled, and following the doctors’ instructions religiously. When you’re unable to meet all of these at the same time, having extra hands to assist you can be a great help indeed.

Do you have a loved one who’s scheduled for continued recovery at home? Let us help you.

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