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What You Need to Know About Light Housekeeping

Home care providers, like Lowenhill Home Care Services, provide high-quality services that include light housekeeping. This term is often misunderstood by customers to mean assistance with housekeeping tasks that range from light, to medium, to heavy. However, as the name suggests, you cannot expect heavy-duty tasks, like moving large furniture or doing home repairs, to be part of the deal.

Defining Light Housekeeping

For a clearer definition of what light housekeeping really is, you can look at it this way: these are tasks to be completed by a personal attendant in an effort to maintain an orderly care environment that helps an individual remain in a clean and healthy space with peace of mind that someone trained and reliable is accomplishing their everyday tasks for them.

What to Expect from Light Housekeeping Services

As a client receiving this service, you can expect an attendant to prepare your meals, draw your baths, wash your clothes, clean your room, water the plants, take out the trash, dust surfaces, organize shelves and drawers, and pick up clutter. These tasks are typically part of the housekeeping package home care companies provide.

What’s NOT Part of Light Housekeeping

Here’s one thing you should remember about light housekeeping service: it’s only provided to the client and the areas of the home used by the client – that’s likely the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Don’t ask your mom or dad’s care attendant if they can clean your home office because the answer is surely going to be a “no.”
One should never confuse light housekeeping provided by home care companies as an all-inclusive housekeeping service. This solution is but a part of an overall service that caters to the specific needs of a senior or disabled individual so that they may live safer and more independent lives at home. Furthermore, if you look at state regulations, you will find that caregivers are required to spend 80% of their time providing direct care to their charge. In short, availing of this service doesn’t mean you can expect a caregiver to be cleaning the house all day.

The Importance of Light Housekeeping

Light housekeeping might not be the most sought after home care service, but it certainly is vital to maintaining a healthy, happy, and comfortable home life for an elderly or disabled person who is no longer capable of completing their daily household tasks.
Don’t hesitate to share your insights on light housekeeping provided by home care companies. Please comment them on the section below.

A Caregiver’s Role in Meal Planning

two caregivers with elder

Partnering with Lowenhill Home Care Services is a great way for you to provide an elderly or disabled loved one the care they need at home. Seniors don’t necessarily have to be suffering from chronic illnesses to require help with their daily activities. Sometimes your mom and dad simply needs assistance with cooking and preparing their meals. A caregiver can improve your loved one’s life and offer you and the rest of your family members peace of mind.

Planning and preparing meals for an elderly loved one is a lot harder than it seems, especially when you have to juggle it with so many other important tasks. Preparing meals for a senior would entail knowing their dietary restrictions and considering these restrictions every time you whip up a meal. It would also mean collaborating with doctors and other healthcare specialists and giving your charge a chance to participate. This job is not a walk in the park. However, if you’re looking for someone who can make planning, cooking, and prepping a healthy and well-balanced meal for your loved one look like cake walk, all you have to do is hire a caregiver.

  1. A caregiver is well aware of dietary restrictions. Seniors having dietary restrictions are not unheard of. In fact, it’s pretty common for doctors to ban certain foods from an elderly individual’s diet. A caregiver can handle this obstacle for you. The training and experience they’ve gone through makes them best-qualified to prep doctor-approved meals that address the nutritional needs of your senior loved one.
  2. A caregiver makes it a point to work with a senior’s physician. It is through the combined effort of these two professionals that healthy and well-balanced meals are prepared and served consistently, effectively improving the lives of seniors at home. Any changes in a senior’s health could lead to changes in their diet plan as well. Since caregivers are the ones regularly accompanying your loved ones to their doctor’s appointments, they’ll know of any updates or changes that need to be applied to their charge’s diet as well as other as other aspects of their day-to-day living.
  3. A caregiver knows how important it is for seniors to feel independent. When caring for an elderly individual, it’s important to help them maintain a level of independence and dignity. Your loved ones want to feel like they are still capable of preparing their own meals and that they still have a say in what they get to eat. Caregivers are the best at getting their charges involved in all aspects of their day-to-day life, including cooking.
  4. A caregiver makes life less stressful for you. Family members typically have a lot on their plate and being in charge of the food that goes into their elderly loved one’s plate may be too much for them to handle. Well, this doesn’t have to be an issue when you have a trusted caregiver helping you out. You can count on this professional to know what needs to done in order to provide safe, nutritious, doctor-approved meals to the people you care about.

How does a caregiver make meal planning for the elderly easier and more efficient? Comment your answers and insights on the section below.

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