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How Can Elderly Avoid Loneliness?

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The onslaught of coronavirus has pushed us to be on a complete community quarantine, thus encouraging self-isolation. However, while this is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading, this action can also spur negative effects – although less severe – such as loneliness. And the most vulnerable to feel this way are the elderly people.

So how can you keep them from feeling cut off despite the current situation? We listed two of the most useful tips to help you with this problem.

Constantly Check On Them
Always call your elderly loved ones when they live alone. Take advantage of the apps that enable you to connect with them instantly. Although you only check up on them virtually, still doing so will help brighten up their mood and keep them from feeling alone.

Include Them in a Family Recreation
The good side of the current situation is that everyone stays at home, making them more connected with their loved ones. This only means that there will be a lot of chances to come up with family recreational activities that everyone, including your elderly loved ones who live with you, can enjoy. Letting them participate in any kind of family activity helps in lowering the tendency of feeling left out and lonely.

Everything is different now. The times have changed, and it’s challenging us to take action to make everyone safe, especially the elderly. Along with our attempt to bring them out of danger is our responsibility to make our elderly feel that they’re not alone during these trying times.

Benefits of Having a Companion

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No man is an island, according to a common phrase. It is okay to be independent but it is better to have someone you can be with. A strong friendship provides a good support system—mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual. There are many studies on the mysterious healing of companionship, and we provide you the top benefits of it.

Decrease stress

We deal with many things daily and sometimes, it’s too much. Talking to someone about your problems will uplift your mood, taking off those heavy feelings within. May it be random thought or a decision you have to make; you are unconsciously stressing yourself. Talk to someone. It will be easier and it will cause lesser stress.

Prevent loneliness

Being alone isolates yourself from many thoughts that could lead to negativity and a lack of sense of purpose. As elders have been through many experiences for the past few years, they tend to have had enough of life and simply choose to just get through it. Having someone to share their thoughts will improve their mood knowing that they have someone willing to listen to their aged stories and feelings.

Your second opinion

Getting into a routine may seem normal but when you have a companion, they tend to see if your lifestyle is unhealthy already. Likewise, when you see them doing the same bad habit, you get to inspire them to do a healthier one. It’s a give-and-take situation where you tend to share the goodness in life. Choose a companion who will inspire you to have a positive outlook in life and a good model to do the right, healthy things that will benefit you both to wellness.

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