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Different Types of Grab Bar for Your Bathroom

Inside of toilet or bathroomWhen moving around the house gets difficult and risky, you know you can’t just let your loved one sit or be in bed all day. Every one of us values our independence and mobility. Despite injury or pain, your homebound loved one looks forwards to moving around on their own.

You can make their desires happen without sacrificing their safety. You can install devices in the house to provide support and balance even when you are not around. Grab bars are an ideal solution for loved ones to keep moving without full supervision.

There are different types of grab bars you can install and one of the prominent locations you need to install them is in the bathroom. Bathrooms are commonly used areas however these spaces are also considered risky. Water, spills, poor lighting, limited space, and other concerns make bathrooms a dangerous space to move around.

Here are some types of grab bars you may want to explore.

  • The wave – this kind of grab bar is designed like a wave which makes it easier for someone to hold or grab.
  • The flip – is to be placed near the toilet to maximize small spaces. It flips and therefore can be tucked out of the way to provide support in tight areas.
  • Tension rods – has large handles and can be placed anywhere in the hope but mostly by the toilet. This is a tension-mounted rod from the floor to reach the ceiling.

There are more versions of grab handles. Check with your local home depot or consult your loved one’s therapists on the safest and most trusted kinds.

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Practicing Good Skin Health for Seniors

senior woman applying skin care

The aging skin can appear dry and thin – which makes seniors vulnerable to skin conditions. If the skin has lost its moisture and becomes too dry, cracks can form on the surface which allows bacteria to penetrate.

Taking good care of your skin should be part of your health and wellness – and more especially as a part of a health regimen for your senior loved one.

When a senior has sensitive skin, it is best to use mild products only. Cleaning agents and other beauty products applied to the skin include different types of ingredients. Some of the components are on the stronger side and may irritate vulnerable skin. Before using a product, check its contents. Review if there are harsh ingredients included. If you are in doubt, always consult with the pharmacist or see a skin doctor for your senior. List down these active ingredients you need to avoid and ask about other alternatives. Seek a milder solution for your loved one.

Avoid giving your seniors a hot bath. The water temperature can inflame the skin causing itching, redness, and peeling in some cases. Try to reduce the number of showers for your seniors as well. You can ask the doctor about how often they should take a shower to balance hygiene and skin conditions.

If you are caring for a bed-ridden senior, you need to take things up higher. Bedsores and pressure-sensitive ulcers happen because of the constant contact and limited relief. Try changing your senior’s position from time to time. Change their catheters frequently. Immediately change soiled linens and regularly change unsoiled ones.

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Source: https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/skin-care-and-aging

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