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Lowering the Risks of Type 2 Diabetes

This November, let us learn more about a common disease that may sound familiar to all of us – diabetes.

Did you know that diabetes is divided into two types? Type 1 diabetes happens when the body cannot produce insulin, while type 2 happens when there is insufficient proper insulin produced. Type 2 diabetes is the more common category. And because this disease can lead to further health complications, understanding its prevalence and risk factors can help you avoid or reduce the chances of acquiring one.

There are different diabetes prevention programs, and here are the highlights that may reduce your risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

Normal weight range
Are you within the normal weight expected for your age or body type? Diabetes has a higher chance of occurrence for people exceeding their normal weight ranges. To reduce your risk, aim to lower your excess weight. Manage your pounds or kilograms and stay within the healthy zone.

Regular physical activities
Do you perform physical exercises, or are you engaged in physical activities that work your bone and muscles? Regular exercises keep your body healthy. If you are not physically active, consult your physician on the best strategy to start getting more active. Remember to start slowly to avoid risks to your body.

Enough portions from the right food groups
Are you eating the right healthy meals in the appropriate serving size? Managing health and nutrition is about quality and quantity. Excess on both ends cannot do any good. By maintaining the right portions, you ensure you are eating enough without risking excess weight gain.

Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/diabetes/overview/preventing-type-2-diabetes

Beyond the Disease: Living Well With Diabetes

young woman using glucometer to check blood sugar level at home

When we hear someone with diabetes, we imagine how difficult the situation can be. While certain aspects of our living have to change to manage the condition, living well is still achievable.

How well a person lives with diabetes depends on many factors. For one, the severity or stage of the disease often determines how much impact the diagnosis can have on the patient. Type 1 and 2 diabetes have similar and different treatment or care management programs. Another factor to consider is one’s lifestyle. Depending on how healthy the current situation is or how adaptive it can be on suggested lifestyle changes, the required change on the patient can be big or small.

Living well despite the diagnosis starts with a clear understanding of where the patient is at the moment. If you or someone you know has just received this news, ask your doctor as much information as possible to understand more about diabetes. You can then work on your health and lifestyle goals. With these considerations in mind, your healthcare team can write down suggestions for the patient to manage their condition.

These changes can include substitutes or alternatives to the current diet. Health and nutrition will be closely monitored for patients with diabetes. A healthier substitute to previous favorites may be considered. Managing weight is also another factor to incorporate into the patient’s lifestyle. An effective and safe weight loss program can help the patient become healthier and manage the complications of diabetes.

With the right support and care, patients can thrive despite their condition. As long as the patient is open and ready for the changes, the road to getting healthier is within reach.

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