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The Advantage of Influenza Vaccines

Vials of vaccine beside injection

If you could prevent something unfortunate, would you do what it takes to avoid such from happening? If you could prevent getting sick, would you be willing to take the simple step?

Vaccines are indeed one of the most beneficial discoveries of humankind. With immunization, we can protect our lives, save more lives, and prevent unnecessary pain or suffering. Vaccines have been provided for different diseases as well and depending on the nature of the vaccine, the schedule and timing are almost a direct recommendation.

The week of December 5 to 11 is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC as a week to emphasize the importance of flu vaccination. Flu can be very common – it can easily happen to anyone, and some people have a faster recovery than others. But, it does not mean we should underestimate this disease.

Avoid the flu.
Immunizations for influenza will reduce your risk of acquiring the flu. This improves your health and boosts your immune system. Avoiding sickness means avoiding pain and discomfort. This allows you to continue working and be productive. You do not need to sacrifice vacation and quality leisure time because you are sick.

Manage the condition.
In a 2021 study accessible in the CDC portal, the risk of getting a severe condition is significantly lowered – the vaccinated individual is 26% less likely to get admitted to intensive care while they have a 31% lower chance of death.

Taking advantage of science’s greatest discovery is within your reach. Did you have your shot already?

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/vaccine-benefits.htm

Stop the Stigma: What to Talk About AIDS


Sensitive topics may feel uncomfortable to discuss, but some of these subjects are relevant in our society, especially when it comes to our health. The danger with avoiding these discussions is that misconceptions and false news are not corrected at the instance. This can continue on the dangerous cycle of misinformation and bias.

Let us stop the stigma of shame and misconception. Let us talk about one of the most serious health challenges the world faces today – AIDS.

AIDS is prevalent.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS is a chronic condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which interferes in our immune system. AIDS is widespread – it is estimated that in 2020, 37.7 million people across the globe have this disease. Both adults and children suffer from this condition. Although common, the shame to start a conversation – even a healthy one – seems to put an invisibility cloak on this health problem.

HIV has various sources.

This virus is not just transmitted through unprotected sex. It is spread when there is an exchange of fluid from the carrier to the victim. Blood transfusions, sharing of needles, and even breastmilk. Recognizing these different possibilities opens one’s perception about this deadly condition.

HIV testing matters.

The only way to certainty is to get screened. We can open the discussion about the importance of getting tested as a way to prepare and be educated. Getting the test should not imply something else other than the desire to protect our life and that of the people we love.

Source: https://www.hiv.gov/hiv-basics/overview/data-and-trends/global-statistics

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