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Managing Common Complications of Diabetes in Seniors

Diabetes is a long-term, chronic disease that affects many older adults. Its symptoms in seniors can range from mild to severe, which may include blurry vision, fatigue, and slow-healing wounds. Beyond that, diabetes can also lead to more serious health complications when left unmanaged.

Likewise, here are some common complications of diabetes that typically occur later in life and how to manage them:

High blood pressure is common in seniors with diabetes. This also puts them at risk for heart and kidney disease. To manage hypertension, seniors should have their blood sugar checked regularly and talk to their physician about how to lower their blood pressure if it is too high.

Seniors with diabetes have an increased risk of falls that cause serious injuries. Diabetes can affect one’s balance and vision. Falls can be prevented through the help of a home care provider who can provide assistance with activities of daily living to ensure safety and comfort.

Urinary Incontinence
Diabetes can cause increased thirst and frequent urination. Seniors may also lose bladder control as diabetes can damage the nerves in the bladder. Hence, bladder infections are also common. A caregiver can help manage urinary incontinence through adjustments. Their healthcare provider can also provide treatment to help with incontinence.

Nerve Pain
Neuropathy is nerve damage that causes tingling, burning feelings, and numbness. It can also lead to foot problems like ulcers and persistent pain. A senior’s healthcare provider can recommend treatments to manage neuropathy and prevent it from worsening.

These are just a few complications that occur in seniors due to diabetes. With proper care, management, and regular doctor appointments, seniors and their caregivers can manage or prevent these complications from occurring.

Discover the Warning Signs of Diabetes in Seniors

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects how the body turns food into energy. It occurs when the body is unable to use insulin effectively or is incapable of producing enough insulin. An estimated 33% of seniors have diabetes, with seniors being at a higher risk of developing diabetes-related complications like kidney failure.

Likewise, we will discuss the warning signs of diabetes:

Overwhelming Fatigue
Seniors with diabetes may experience extreme tiredness and feel more sluggish than normal. With diabetes, their blood sugar levels are higher, which makes it more difficult for the body to convert glucose into energy. Fatigue may also be caused by diabetes-related dehydration.

Increased Thirst and Urination
Diabetes causes excess glucose buildup in the blood, which causes the kidneys to work harder. As the kidneys filter out the glucose, the excess is excreted into the urine and draws fluids from the body. This can make seniors feel more thirsty than normal, which will cause them to drink more liquids and urinate more frequently.

Slow-Healing Wounds
Seniors with diabetes tend to have slow-healing wounds and bruises. Sores may also develop on the feet, and skin infections resolve slower than normal. This is often caused by impeded circulation as a result of high blood glucose, which slows the body’s natural healing process.

Blurry Vision and Gum Problems
High glucose levels can draw fluid out of the eyes, which makes it difficult for them to focus. Eventually, this can lead to partial or complete vision loss. Diabetes can cause inflamed gums and other dental problems like loose teeth and mouth sores.

These are the warning signs of diabetes in seniors. If you notice any of them, it’s best to consult your loved one’s physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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