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How to Maintain Mobility During the Golden Years

As you get older, it is common to worry about not being able to move around as well as you once did. Mobility – the ability to move freely – is essential to maintain quality of life and living independently during the golden years. Although changes to mobility naturally occur as we age, there are ways to maintain senior mobility. Likewise, here are ways you can maintain mobility as you age:

  • Go for a walk every day
    Walking is a low-impact exercise that is effective in enhancing senior mobility. It is a simple exercise that can help seniors maintain balance and endurance while strengthening the leg muscles and improving cardiovascular health.
  • Engage in low-impact cardio
    Cardio exercises promote a healthy cardiovascular system which encourages mobility and longevity. Water aerobics, Pilates, and cycling are a few ways to help seniors stay active. Senior centers are also great places to get some cardio in through group fitness classes.
  • Practice proper posture
    To maintain mobility during the golden years, be sure to practice keeping your spine in a neutral position to preserve strength and mobility. Poor posture is prevalent among seniors and can make staying active difficult.
  • Get adequate nutrition
    Eating a balanced diet fuels the body and enables seniors to stay active. Seniors need different nutrients to keep their muscles and bones strong and healthy. Calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins K and D are vital for preserving bone density, while Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce joint pain and swelling.

In celebration of Diabetes Month, practicing proper nutrition, posture, and regular exercise, can help seniors stay mobile and independent while maintaining their well-being, which keeps them away from chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Healthy Eating Tips to Help Seniors Age Well


Healthy eating is essential at any age, but for seniors, it is critical to their health. Following healthy eating recommendations can help seniors maintain good health and stay active and independent. As we age, however, our bodies change and will require more of certain nutrients as our metabolism slows down. Likewise, here are healthy eating tips to help seniors age well:

  • Familiarize yourself with the essential nutrients
    The nutrients we consume in foods help our bodies stay active and promote heart health. For seniors, knowing which nutrients are important can help them decide what kinds of foods to eat. Ideally, seniors should look for foods high in Vitamin D and fiber. They should avoid foods with empty calories and high salt content.
  • Read the nutritional facts label
    During grocery shopping, caregivers can help seniors read the nutritional facts labels found in most foods and ingredients. Try to find items low in added sugars, sodium, and fat. Whole foods offer the most nutritional benefits and can be found around the grocery store in the produce, dairy, and meat sections.
  • Plan meals accordingly
    Caregivers can help seniors plan meals ahead of time to save money at the store and ensure their nutritional needs are met. By knowing what to eat throughout the week, seniors can avoid unhealthy food choices out of convenience. It also prevents buying too much food that may spoil before they can eat it.

These are just a few healthy eating tips to help older adults age well and fight chronic conditions such as diabetes. By committing to a balanced diet and receiving care assistance at home, seniors can maintain good health and independence.

Helping A Loved One Cope With Stress


There are times when the pain and aches that the elderly are experiencing are physical manifestations of stress. Their inability to communicate their frustrations better would often result in throwing tantrums or having low energy. When left unresolved, their stress would result in more severe health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Personal care towards older adults shouldn’t be limited to attending to their physical needs as it is equally important to check on their mental health.

In promoting senior care wellness, our homecare in Westmoreland provides our clients with the necessary tools and assistance to help them manage their mental health.

Here are some tips stress management tips that caregivers should try.

  • Relaxation Techniques
    Relaxation could come in different forms, it could be a walk in the park or meditation in the morning. They can also try reading a book or listening to some laid-back music.
  • Establishing a Peaceful Environment
    Our assisted living services are dedicated to creating a relaxing care setting for our senior patients. We encourage regular cleaning including the removal of clutters which could be difficult at times as there are older adults who like to hoard things. It would also be beneficial to have good lighting and calming scents and to reduce noise or anything deemed disruptive.
  • Have a Companion
    Our home care services in Beaver, PA can provide your loved one with a trusted companion. Part of what raises an elderly’s stress levels is that they often feel like they are not heard. Lending an ear could make a big difference.

Lowenhill Home Care Services is here to assist you and collaborate for your loved one’s personalized needs. It’s never too late to care, contact us for inquiries.

The Effects of Early Retirement


Retirement could be a joyous event for some, like the light at the end of the tunnel after years of grueling hard work. It could finally mean a well-deserved vacation or time spent with family and friends. However, it could also be an unwelcome turning point for elder adults who have spent the majority of their life crafting their careers and may result in numerous psychological problems like anxiety and existential crisis.

If you feel like you haven’t sufficiently prepared, seeking professional help will lighten your burdens. Our home care services in Beaver, PA are here to assist seniors and their families with this transition phase. This stage usually makes the elderly feel overwhelmed as it could mean major changes, especially in their daily routine. There’s plenty of time at the patient’s disposal. One common scenario would be being around their spouse more which could lead to constant arguments in the long run. It’s important that the elderly can still maintain an active and productive lifestyle which would benefit both their physical and mental health.

Our caregivers and other health team members at Lowenhill Home Care Services could make arrangements to organize activities to keep them preoccupied.

We also have companion services to help keep loneliness at bay.

Physical decline often happens in retirement years, as the body is more susceptible to diseases. Our assisted living curates individualized programs for our patients’ needs like finding the appropriate exercises or meal planning.

Here at our homecare in Westmoreland, aging doesn’t have to be as fearful as most people perceive it. Quality life can still be attained.

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