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Creative Pursuits Can Promote Healthy Aging

senior woman and caregiver looking at camera while gathering puzzle

For us here in Lowenhill Home Care Services, exercising your creativity is a healthy form of self-expression. It gives people the chance to connect with their innermost joys and anxieties. As such, there is a variety of health-related settings like hospice agencies, dementia care communities, and others that uses art therapy activities for their patients.

While some do not consider themselves to be particularly artistic, researchers say it is the process of creating that promotes better health and mentality, not the result. Just by engaging in the simplest creative activities, you can improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Here are a few benefits you can get when you engage in artistic endeavors:

  1. Increased happiness
  2. Decreased depression
  3. Reduced anxiety
  4. Strengthened immune system

Older adults can tap into creative activities through a variety of ways, such as moving, performing, creating art, writing, inventing, cooking, or just by trying something new. By encouraging your senior loved ones to pursue these activities, you’ll help them not only with maintaining their mental flexibility, but also with handling new challenges, maximizing their various social relationships, and finding their inner spark.

Pursuing creativity later in life may initially feel daunting for seniors. However, their mental health is imperative for their overall well-being. Besides, the later stages of life often make creative self-expression a fulfilling prospect that can be found in many activities.