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From a Distance: Ways to Help Manage Senior Health During a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused many of us a great deal of stress and anxiety, especially those who are caring for an older adult. Ensuring that they are well and healthy have become top-priority, and plenty of caregivers are looking for safer ways to provide assistance and care.

As concerned friends, we at Lowenhill Home Care Services have come up with a list of ways to help you manage your senior’s health during the pandemic.

  1. Reduce their exposure to the virus but help them with essential needs. We should all be aware by now that making unnecessary visits to friends or family members is discouraged. Thus, only visit your loved ones when it’s needed.

    Some acceptable reasons may be:

    • To drop off prescription medication refills
    • To deliver meals, groceries, and other essentials
    • To help clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and other difficult household chores
    • Setting up needed technology and tools e.g., computers, TV, wifi connection, new lighting, changing wirings, etc.
  2. Make use of the technology you have at home. For instance, to keep your loved ones feeling loved and appreciated, instead of paying them a personal visit, why don’t you try calling them over the phone, sending them a video message, or calling them over FaceTime. This way you can still monitor their health and well-being, even from a distance.

    And if these two tips aren’t enough to put your mind at ease, you can try recruiting help from a professional caregiver. Contact us today for more details!