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Getting Around When You Can No Longer Drive

non-emergency medical transportation

There comes a time in every senior’s life when they must give up driving. It might be due to some medical reasons that may put their health and safety in jeopardy if they continue to drive. When such a situation arises, how can a senior get around to doctor’s appointments, errands, family gatherings, and other social activities?

Making sure your loved one has easy access to reliable transportation services can help them maintain and strengthen their independence.

Paying and planning for transportation services to assist your loved ones to places that they need to be is one way of making sure that they reach their destination safely. Professional transportation service providers, such as NEMTs, have specialized equipment in their vehicles to ensure your loved one’s health is intact during the journey.

Another option is getting your loved one escort services from a certified home care agency, such as Lowenhill Home Care Services.

Home care workers are trained to provide the best services for seniors to live better and safer lives independently. This may include accompanying senior patients to doctor’s appointments and other events. So, if your loved one can’t drive anymore, a professional home care worker can take over the wheel to ensure nothing goes wrong along the way.

We understand the struggles that many older adults face, and we are determined to provide the best care and assistance we can, to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and safe while aging in place.

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