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Health Tips for the Holidays

Senior Couple Having Lunch Together At Home

December is the season of sharing, loving, and eating! All the parties and other holiday festivities disrupt daily routines for several weeks. But don’t let these weeks-long celebrations get in the way of making healthy food choices. When everyone seems to be splurging and indulging in all kinds of food, stick to your meal plan. Lowenhill Home Care Services has rounded up five tips for you:

  1. Be mindful of your distance from the food table to outsmart the buffet. Standing next to the food table spread would only make it easier for you to reach out for the food. Keep your distance to prevent yourself from mindlessly reaching out for food as you socialize.
  2. Don’t deprive yourself but only choose the food that you don’t normally get to eat all throughout the year. Savor every small portion and make sure that you include it in your meal plan count.
  3. Keep moving; don’t forget to include physical activities—this is your secret weapon to reduce stress and compensate for the excess food you had. Take a walk with family and friends after meals to burn those calories.
  4. Sleep well and right. Parties and celebrations mean staying out late and cutting back on sleep. Sleep deprivation may cause you to eat more and go for high-fat, high-sugar food. So, do get the recommended amount of sleep every night to prevent you from mindless and overeating.
  5. Remember what really matters. Spending quality time with your family and friends is what this season is really all about. Focus on creating fond memories filled with love and joy with your loved ones.

At Lowenhill Home Care Services, we care about you and the choices you make. What other healthy choices do you make during the holidays? Share them with us!