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Interesting Facts About Native American Heritage Month


The month of November is recognized across the country as Native American Heritage Month. This nationally recognized holiday celebrates the traditions, cultures, and contributions of Native people across Alaska Native, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and American Samoan communities. This holiday also raises awareness about the heritage of Native communities with the goal of preserving their unique traditions and cultures.

During this month, these communities are honored and celebrated which provides us the unique opportunity to become more educated about Native Americans and the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion. Likewise, we will share some interesting facts about this special holiday:

  • This holiday celebrates indigenous people.

    Native American Heritage Month was first established on August 3, 1990, by former President George Bush. This holiday was established to recognize the culture, people, tradition, and crafts that existed in the country before it became what we know today.

  • There are hundreds of tribes in the country.

    There are approximately 574 American Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities that are recognized by the U.S. federal government. Each tribe has its own unique language, culture, stories, dances, and beliefs. Unlike the popular portrayal of Native people in mainstream media, each nation has its own sovereignty.

  • This month-long celebration evolved from a week.

    Native American Heritage Month was originally “American Indian Week” which was proclaimed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1986. However, President Bush approved a joint resolution that designated the holiday as a month-long celebration. It was initially called National American Indian Heritage Month before it was changed to Native American Heritage Month by former President Barack Obama.

We at Lowenhill Home Care Services believe in the importance of a culturally diverse community that develops and enriches our lives. Hence, we promote the observance of Native American Heritage Month to bring people together from a diverse set of cultures and environments.

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