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Keeping Up with Routines During the Holidays

seniors having fun with caregivers

The holidays are finally upon us and with the season comes a lot of hustle and bustle in preparation for family gatherings, last-minute gift shopping, and cooking. Tradition is one of the most important parts of the festivities, especially for seniors who have been doing them for a long time. However, with the busyness of the season, it may get difficult for them to keep up with their medical and health needs.

Lowenhill Home Care Services can help seniors maintain proper routine and protocol, even during the holiday season!

Many seniors’ health routines can be disrupted to accommodate holiday events and others, causing them stress and other negative symptoms.

Our caregivers are trained to keep your loved one’s care needs as their top priority. This may sound like a very simple task; however, it is very crucial to keeping your senior in a healthy state. When seniors are out and about more than they usually are over the holidays, chances are they may not be able to take their medication at the right time or even at all.

When on the road, nutrition and hydration can also vary from what your loved one is used to.

Having a caregiver that can work closely with your senior can ensure that their needs are met and adapted to properly.

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