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Reasons Why You Should Be Talking to Your Pharmacist

senior and pharamacist

Picture this: You leave your doctor’s office with a new prescription and go straight to your local pharmacy to get it filled up. After paying the cashier, you go home with your new neatly packed medicine, feeling like all is well and done. But you realize something…

You have no idea how you should be taking your medication or even why you should be taking them.
Almost half of the 3.8 billion prescriptions in the U.S. are taken incorrectly. This includes mistakes involving timing, frequency, dosage, and duration.

A pharmacist is a reliable expert who can effectively introduce and explain medication functions, instruct seniors on the ways/modes of how to properly take them, as well as discuss the drug’s potential interactions and side effects. Talking to your pharmacist can reduce your risks for medication errors and help ease any of the discomfort and confusion you might be feeling.

Here are 5 questions you should be asking your pharmacist or your doctor before starting a new prescription:

  1. Should I be wary of any risks? What benefits can I gain from taking this medication?
  2. What are the different side-effects I should be watching out for?
  3. How expensive will this new medicine be and can my insurance cover it?
  4. Does the medication come in a generic form and will it be effective for my condition?
  5. Are there any special considerations when taking the medication? Should I be taking it a specific way?

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