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Reduce Stress with These Helpful Tips and Tricks

women doing exercise with her personal trainer

These are stressful times and most of the usual ways we used to de-stress are off-limits. There are still, however, plenty we can try!

Stress raises a person’s risk of experiencing heart disease, depression, dementia, sleep problems, digestive disease, and a plethora of other health conditions.

Here at Lowenhill Home Care Services, we believe that a person’s mental health affects their overall wellbeing. Thus, we have made this list of different ways you can reduce stress and continue enjoying life.

Get Up and Exercise

There are plenty of workout videos available for all ages online. Sign up for a class and exercise at the comfort and safety of your own home!


Practicing slow and steady breathing helps relax the muscles and release tension that you are feeling. Clear your mind and focus on the present moment.

Talk to Others about How You’re Feeling (but at a distance)

Pick up the phone or go online and get in touch with your family members. Let them know how you’re feeling and allow them to be a source of comfort and love for you.

Cut Down on News Consumption and Avoid Negative Feeds

Social media can be a great source of information – if used right. There are, however, a ton of negative posts, too. As negativity can be contagious, it’s best if you limit your exposure to it and focus on developing hobbies and skills for a while.

If excessive stress is preventing you from living a normal life, it’s best to ask for professional help. Contact your healthcare team for assistance.