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Safe Gardening Tips for Seniors with Dementia

senior man and caregiver talking

Spring is the best time to start a gardening hobby. It provides a myriad of health benefits to both seniors and younger people alike. Plus, it’s also great for loved ones who need an easy yet productive activity to do regularly. If you’re considering letting your senior try gardening, here are several tips that we at Lowenhill Home Care Services recommend you follow:

  1. Consider a Container Garden
    Container gardens are great because they’re easier to maintain as opposed to a full garden. It’s also much safer for seniors to use, as it minimizes their risk of experiencing falls, back pain, and other physical issues. A small container garden by your loved one’s window would be a great place to start.

  2. Avoid Dangerous Tools
    We don’t normally pay attention to just how dangerous gardening tools can be. But when you’re helping a loved one with dementia with gardening, you have to keep a closer eye on how they use them. Look for tools that have well-rounded edges, to avoid injuries from befalling your loved ones.

  3. Have Water Available
    Gardening makes your senior loved one spend more time under the heat of the sun. This can easily leave them dehydrated. So it’s important to keep a pitcher or a glass of cool water close to them at all times.

  4. Avoid Toxic Plants
    Sometimes, dementia patient do not notice when the plants they handle may pose a risk to their health. Stick to plants that are safe to handle at all times so you and your loved one can rest easy as you go planting, potting, and more.

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