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Tips to Stay Warm During the Cold Season

cold weather proper clothing

The effects of the cold season in people vary. However, what is true is that it can affect how we feel. It can even affect the health conditions and the pain that we have.

Terminally-ill loved ones, aging individuals, and young children are more vulnerable during colder weather. Their bodies may not be capable of managing temperatures well, so they end up getting sick and feeling uncomfortable.

Using the following tips, you and your family members can stay warm during the cold season:

1 – Check the home’s heating system.

Observe proper use and maintenance of your home’s heating system, so they can operate efficiently for long periods of time. It should also be clean to ensure efficient performance. If your heating system is not working as efficiently as it should, have a professional check on it and make the necessary repairs.

Furthermore, make sure that the heating system is set to the right temperature. The setting must be good enough, especially for aging or sick loved ones.

2 – Dress appropriately.

Instead of wearing one thick layer, you might want to consider putting on several layers of thin clothes. Choose clothes that are made from fleece or wool. Consider wearing thermal clothing items, such as underwear. Put hand warmers inside your coat pockets, too, when going out.

Heat escapes from any exposed part of the body. So, you might also want to put on a hat designed for the cold weather. Have blankets available in all areas of the house so that your loved ones can easily grab what is near them. Just make sure that these blankets do not become tripping hazards on the floor.

3 – Eat healthily.

Eat more fruits and vegetables so that your body gets the nutrients necessary to function properly. These nutrients can help your body manage the cold and produce heat better.

At the same time, prepare and serve warm meals during the cold weather. Sip warm liquids, such as tea, coffee, milk, soups, and broths.

4 – Have useful medications available.

No matter how prepared we may be, there are still situations where sore throat, colds, and flu may still get the better of us. Be sure to have medications for these ailments available at home. Use them properly whenever needed.

5 – Stay active.

Moving helps you stay warmer. Additionally, it helps you build and maintain muscles which are necessary to produce body heat. Exercising or even doing household chores count as physical activity.

If you or your aging and sick loved ones need assistance and care at home, don’t hesitate to contact Lowenhill Home Care Services today!