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Ensuring Senior Safety When Using the Toilet

elder lady holing on the grab bar

Aging is a natural process that all living things undergo. This process also leads to a number of changes, especially in the physical aspect. Older adults often experience a decline in their mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Due to these changes, their safety, as well as their health, may be compromised. When your loved ones’ safety and health are at stake, you definitely want to do something to help out.

Consider the following tips to ensuring their safety in one of the most accident-prone areas in the home, the toilet:

  1. Use raised toilet seats.
    Your aging loved ones may not have the strength needed to lower themselves down to the toilet seat or raising themselves from it. When they do not have enough strength, they may go off-balance and hurt themselves.

    Using raised toilet seats will help prevent your loved ones from squatting or exerting too much effort when making use of the toilet. There are various toilet seats available and are typically easy to install.

  2. Install toilet grab bars and safety rails.
    Apart from raised toilet seats, you can also install grab bars and safety rails beside the toilet. Your loved ones can grab these items for support whenever they are lowering down or raising themselves up from the toilet seat.

    See to it that the the grab bars and safety rails are properly installed. They should also be durable. This way, you will not worry about them breaking when they are being used.

  3. Consider using commodes.
    You might also want to consider having a commode available for your aging family members. A commode is beneficial for seniors who have troubles going to the bathroom and using the toilet by themselves, especially during the night.

With these items, you can help keep your senior family members safe when using the toilet. They can help prevent various accidents and injuries from happening.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of home care services from Lowenhill Home Care Services. We have experienced care professionals who can assist your loved ones with their daily tasks. Call us today to inquire about our services.