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Multiple Births: Top 3 Challenges of Raising Twin Babies (Or More!)

Multiple Births: Top 3 Challenges of Raising Twin Babies (Or More!)

Does the concept of bearing more than one baby in the womb gives you amazement? There are moms-to-be who would be delighted to be gifted with twin (or more) babies in one birth. But there’s a vast difference between giving birth and actually raising many kids at the same time. Every parent knows that raising a single child is challenging enough, so more would mean literally extra challenging.

As a provider of quality home care, our team at Lowenhill Home Care Services would like to encourage you that while the challenge of raising kids is real, help is also more than real. We have expert caregivers who can assist you in home chores so you can focus on raising your kids at home. If getting some help seems a far-fetched idea, consider the following challenges:

  • Life in schedule
    Because you have more than one child, following and sticking to a schedule can help organize your day. You can’t bathe both at the same time. While you can breastfeed the two together, some other tasks just can’t be done. But having a schedule can also mean you might have to leave off from your personal activities for a while. With home care assistance, you can focus on caring for your precious angels as some of your other chores are also taken care of.
  • Respiratory problems
    It’s a common scenario that twins are born prematurely. So they could easily acquire respiratory problems as their lungs are still developing. They are also usually underweight so they would need extra care and monitoring. Some preemies can be given permission to be brought home. Having to take care of these crucial conditions would need for you to give your total attention. When these needs arise, you can surely benefit the assistance of extra hands at home.
  • Easy infection
    As twins grow together, their exposure to germs and infection also gets closer. Since they always spend time together, the illness of one can quickly transfer to the other, especially the common cough, colds, and flu. It would be a cause of stress to think about their health and still have other home tasks to finish. Homemakers can unburden you of these home chores while you focus on caring for your little ones.

It’s been said that babies are gifts from heaven. We agree. If you’re expecting for multiple births or are currently raising them, we cheer for you. While the challenges are real, there’s always help available. You can contact us for assistance in home chores and other care activities for yourself and infants so that you can still appreciate the blessings of everyday life.

At Lowenhill Home Care Services, we strive to provide the quality care you and your family need. Don’t hesitate to set an appointment with us when you need our services.

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