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Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Age Gracefully

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean trying to maintain a young-looking face or skin even as you age. It is about living your best life and being physically and mentally able to enjoy it. With the right self-care and proper lifestyle, you can achieve happier and healthier years as you continue to age. Read on to find … Read More

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How to Make the Years Count

We only have one life and it is in our power to do what we can with it. As years unfold, we learn many things and grow up with these changes that matter through time. Our elders have been through more pages in this existence than us. As roots of our family tree, it is … Read More

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Creative Pursuits Can Promote Healthy Aging

For us here in Lowenhill Home Care Services, exercising your creativity is a healthy form of self-expression. It gives people the chance to connect with their innermost joys and anxieties. As such, there is a variety of health-related settings like hospice agencies, dementia care communities, and others that uses art therapy activities for their patients. … Read More

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How a Vegan or Vegetarian Diets May Stop Heart Disease but Increase Stroke Risk

Diets that require a person to avoid either meat or all animal products get a lot of attention for being healthy and for contributing to weight loss. However, there may be a catch to these diets: a higher risk for a certain type of stroke. According to a study published in the BMJ in September … Read More

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