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September 13th, 2019 / By

Importance of Keeping Active for Seniors

A lot of seniors lose their mobility as they age, which is why it is necessary to encourage them to keep exercising. More than 50% of senior citizens spend at least 8.5 hours a day sedentary. Many senior citizens lose their mobility as they age, so exercise for seniors is essential to keep them healthy … Read More

August 19th, 2019 / By

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Seniors

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively impact your health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. Studies show that dark chocolate (not the sugary kind) can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease. Of course, it … Read More

August 9th, 2019 / By

Senior Eye-Health Month

It’s normal for our vision to change as we get older. With proper eye-care, we can manage the way these changes affect our lives and the way we live it. You might just need new glasses, contact lenses, or better lighting in your house. To make sure, it is important that you get an annual … Read More

July 30th, 2019 / By

A Short Guide on Senior Skin Care

Seniors are more susceptible to skin disease and infection because of the many changes their skin undergoes as they age. Aging challenges can manifest in the form of less supple, drier, and thinner skin. An elderly individual’s skin gets wounded more easily and recovers slowly. Lowenhill Home Care Services is committed to delivering top-notch, holistic … Read More