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What You Need to Know About Light Housekeeping

Home care providers, like Lowenhill Home Care Services, provide high-quality services that include light housekeeping. This term is often misunderstood by customers to mean assistance with housekeeping tasks that range from light, to medium, to heavy. However, as the name suggests, you cannot expect heavy-duty tasks, like moving large furniture or doing home repairs, to … Read More

June 13th, 2019 / By

A Caregiver’s Role in Meal Planning

Partnering with Lowenhill Home Care Services is a great way for you to provide an elderly or disabled loved one the care they need at home. Seniors don’t necessarily have to be suffering from chronic illnesses to require help with their daily activities. Sometimes your mom and dad simply needs assistance with cooking and preparing … Read More

May 28th, 2019 / By

Top 7 Activities To Excite a Senior’s Memory

Have you noticed your senior loved one forgetting some things lately? Forgetfulness is one of the common age-related issues that they battle with. For as long as this forgetfulness is not dementia (which is going to be another topic entirely) these moments can be remedied and overlooked. Thankfully, however, there are activities that aging persons … Read More

Tips When You Want to Continue Healing at Home

Hospitalizations and checkups can be a common scenario at home especially when we have vulnerable family members such as the seniors and little children. While this can be normal, it also helps to know that you will have people and professionals to call on to for help when you need it. Whether the help you … Read More